Discover how to reach your full potential in golf and in life! 

Photo Courtesy Hiroyuki Takeda

Photo Courtesy Hiroyuki Takeda


With 27 years of experience in the golfing industry and a Certified Self-Talk Speaker and Trainer through Dr. Shad Helmstetter's Self-Talk Institute, Alecia will enlighten you with an entertaining, positive and inspirational message for anyone to hear about the power of Self-Talk! Scientifically proven to make a difference, your brain can now literally be re-wired to think more positively, and you can make affirmative changes like never before! No matter what the size of the audience, the positive outlook and style that Alecia has on life, will leave you wanting to "live happy."  If you are looking enhance your outlook in your personal life, the workplace environment, or overall attitude about life...this is where you discover the process of how to get started. (See Self-Talk Products tab.)

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  • Alecia Larsen is available to speak to groups, both large and small. Her intuitive nature and positive personality allows her to share her experiences with others through stories, and brings to light the purpose for both gratitude and golf in our lives.