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Welcome to Gratitude Golf, LLC ... where golf and gratitude meet! It is with sincere gratitude that I continue to share my love for golf, and be the best coach for my past, present, and future students.
Making a difference in their lives and in the world, by helping them reach their full potential and expressing gratitude through golf, is my mission.

Dare To Dream

Gratitude Golf, LLC is a compilation of my experiences with the great game of golf. I finally made a decision to pursue my dream of owning my own company while giving back to those who have given me so much! 

Life is 10% what happens to us...and 90% how i react to it.   --Charles Swindoll


When I decided to make golf my career, I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life. The experiences in both my own personal game and the business side of it all, have polished me into the coach and leader I am today. 

I am so very grateful for all of the beautiful moments I have been blessed with, along with some of the toughest times of my life. In the end though, all of them were essential to my journey.

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What students are saying

I’ve been taking lessons from various instructors for over the past 20 years, but it was not until I took lessons from Alecia Larsen that I understood why certain processes are needed for a sound fundamental swing. I have acquired more knowledge that has translated to an enhanced ability with ten lessons with this pro, than I have learned from working with a half dozen instructors over two decades! If you really want to learn the game and how it can be played according to your ability, save your time by attending lessons with her!
— Terry Boyd Program Chair, Associate Dean, Director of Continuing Education at Franklin University Former President of the Columbus Board of Education, and past President of the Columbus Metropolitan Library
Recently, my son and I took golf lessons from Alecia. I was pretty disappointed in my game before the instruction. She not only helped me to understand the mechanics, but also, the attitude approach necessary to enjoy this game.. Alecia made it so easy to comprehend and thereby execute; and, I have a lot less frustration on the course thanks to her positive input. She is a marvelous teacher and as far as my son and I are concerned, has been instrumental in the new found joy in our golf game!
— MJ DeWitt Executive Assistant at Bath and Body Works
There are a lot of people who understand the golf swing and call themselves instructors and teach golf as a living. Alecia is that rare breed who is actually a teacher in the truest sense of the word. She understands the golf swing, but more important she truly understands, likes, and relates to people and knows HOW to teach them. She understands golf is not only about the swing, but golf is about themselves, and about life, and she draws you into that and helps you understand more about all of it. She’s a stickler for fundamentals - the setup, stance, grip, posture. And she makes you comfortable with yourself and makes your journey her journey. My wife and I love her and we’re better golfers - and people - for having spent time with her.
— Val & Jennifer Duvuvuei Gahanna, OH
Alecia is a professional in all aspects. She takes her golf lessons seriously but in the most fun way. We bought lessons for my three adult sons and she had a different approach to instruction for each one, depending on their experience, background and even personalities. Alecia has great insight on the abilities of her clients.
— Brenda Zweydorff Hoffman Business Manager Columbus, OH
Junior Golfers & Parents,
Alecia Larsen has had a huge impact on my life. Without a doubt, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. She has been my swing coach since I was 8 years old and I am currently a Division 1 golfer at the University of Toledo. Thanks to her love of the game and her passion for life, I am the golfer I am today! She is an amazing, caring person that is devoted to her young students. In my opinion, she is the best in the business!
— Emily Dixon Pataskala, OH
I began taking private lessons from Alecia Larsen, and it was the best decision I have ever made to improve my golf game and my business. Alecia makes my lessons fun and enjoyable and I can honestly say that she has far exceeded my expectations. In the past few months I have played in several outings with my customers, and have had more invitations and opportunities than I have ever had before I began playing. Golf has given me a connection with many of my customers and has absolutely helped me grow my business! Thank you for building my confidence Alecia!
— Kelly Jentes, Clinical Sales Consultant Thermo Fisher Scientific
In the Keiser house we have a saying, it is “Life before Alecia”. This simple statement truly marks a defining moment in time where Lauren’s golf game took an remarkable turn. As a novice golf parent, I tried to navigate the unknown junior golf world by spending time on the course practicing with Lauren as well as getting her involved in local tournaments. The result was stagnant to little growth in her game, but her burn for improvement and passion for the game increased. We needed to find quality instruction.

By chance, I called Alecia after a random search online, I left a brief message, and she returned my call within the hour. We talked at length about Lauren’s game, and scheduled a lesson. I observed the first lesson with intrigue, they connected immediately, and Lauren found the answer to her instruction needs!

We set out to find instruction, but what we found was a swing coach, mentor, life coach and an amazing friend. Through time on the lesson tee, on course instruction, and endless encouragement, Alecia has elevated Lauren’s game to a place where she can compete at the collegiate level. Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for finding Alecia Larsen.
— Dan Keiser (Father of a current student and SPEC Academy alumni)
LPGA Golf Pro Alecia Larsen exceeded every expectation I could have had about a professional networking and golf instruction event. From the moment our group stepped onto the practice tees, she was welcoming and accepting each person, as well our individual level of golf experience. She was quick to provide individual guidance to every golfer. Her 18+ years of teaching is overwhelmingly apparent, and students of all levels are able to walk away with small tips to make a big impact. Teaching is a true art, and Alecia Larsen has mastered it! To have all of this at an event with my esteemed colleagues was very unique and rewarding, I recommend that everyone attend an event!
— Courtney Campbell Time Warner Cable
Alecia, you have given my golf game hope. Even though it was only one lesson you have shown me that there is a game there and it will come out again. I was so excited when I left. I know there is much work to do but I am confident it will happen. You are patient, full of knowledge and just flat out awesome!
— Phil Gastaldo Columbus, OH
Alecia has been such an inspiration for our daughter, Hannah. The SPEC Academy has exceeded our expectations. Hannah has become a very well-rounded person in life, as well as in the game of golf. We recommend the SPEC Academy to anyone who has a junior golfer interested in learning more golf and improving their game.
— Tom and Amy Hyme (parents of a SPEC student)
Alecia is fantastic! We could not have found a better mentor/coach for our daughter. She has a contagious personality that shows when she is working with the girls that is genuine. She is not only my daughters swing coach, but she is also her life coach. Swing mechanics are only one aspect of the game of golf, in addition, my daughter’s mental game has improved tremendously, creating a much more complete player through this program. Alecia has had a such a positive impact on my daughter’s life, making her a more confident and organized teenager, we feel blessed to have found her. I would 100% recommend Alecia Larsen and the SPEC Academy.
— Matt Krueger (Father of a SPEC Academy student)